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Unlock Your Plant's Potential

Hexagon PPM software solutions transform unorganized data into intelligent, actionable information that enables the smarter design, construction, operation, and management of industrial projects, including: oil & gas, power generation, AEC building infrastructure, metals & mining, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer goods. Throughout the life cycle, we help connect field to office, EPCs with owner operators, and initial design through handover.

Нефтегазовая отрасль

Design, construction, and operation of oil and gas process plants

Морская промышленность

Oil and gas production in the offshore industry remains at a high level, and shipbuilding is more complex than ever. Hexagon PPM engineering solutions help create the most productive, efficient and safe environment for the offshore, and shipbuilding industries.

Традиционные и атомные электростанции

Design, construction, and operation of conventional and nuclear power plants

Химическая отрасль

Design, construction, and operation of chemical plants

Горнодобывающая и металлургическая промышленность

Design, construction, and operation of metals, mining, and minerals facilities

Фармацевтическая отрасль

Design, construction, and operation of pharmaceutical and life sciences plants

Потребительские товары

Design, construction, and operation of manufacturing plants

Архитектура и строительство

HxGN SMART Build supports your digital strategy by intelligently linking models, schedules and costs in a new cloud and mobile building management solution for planning and executing construction.

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